Full Service Telecommunications Consultants
"Our deliverables are our best advertisement"
We are a family owned company with 20+ years of experience!




RFC Squared- Telecommunications Consultants

RFC Squared LLC is a full service telecommunications consulting company offering years of experience in the RF Communications industry. We pride ourselves in offering integrated and turnkey engineering solutions to industry. From FCC licensing to final system design, RFC² will deliver.

Our Telecommunications services include:

  • Systems Engineering
  • RF Coverage Engineering
  • RF Interference Resolution
  • Tower and Antenna Mapping
  • Tower Drawings
  • Site Documentation
  • FCC Licensing
  • FAA Compliance
  • Site Management
  • Aerial Tower Imaging by UAV
  • Aerial Imaging / Inspections of Buildings & Other Infrastructure

Let RFC² be your partner in designing / upgrading the most important component in your organization – Your communications system!